Dave Hartl in a private library

Masters Degree! Now what?

In June 2010 I was awarded a Masters Degree in Information Science from Drexel University. I wanted to improve my job opportunities and getting a masters degree in music seemed like a pointless endeavor when I was already professionally working beyond the requirements needed. I really wanted to learn something new!

With the digital revolution in information technology, Information Science seemed like a brand new field. Just like in years past when I got into synthesizers as they were just developing, I figured getting into this new field would position me in a good place on the cutting edge with a lot of teaching experience at the university level in my background. I've used academic libraries extensively in my teaching and was comfortable with computers, so it seemed to be a good fit.

The downside is that I don't have experience working as a librarian, I just have the degree. So I won't upload a resume here, I'll provide examples of the work I did in my classes to give proof that I can function in this field. Here's some examples:

Grant Proposal

This is a proposal to apply for a grant to preserve the only existant back issues of a small town newspaper dating back to the 19th Century, the Perkasie, PA "News Herald". Bound copies had been placed in the local library and were falling into disrepair. Unfortunately, this proposal was not submitted and the papers have since been removed from circulation and may be unrecoverable at this point.

Collection Development Policy Proposal

This is a paper making recommendations for how best to develop the collection of the Washoe County Senior Center Library in Reno, Nevada. I did research about the facility and drew on the experience I had in dealing with an elderly parent in a similar senior center. From this, I devised a policy that seemed to best meet the needs of the patrons.

Musician Research Bibliography

This is a paper listing scholarly articles that might appeal to musicians, a demographic group notorious for not doing as much research as those in other fields. It focuses on the needs and research behavior of musicians of all fields.

Public Library Observation and Comparison

This is a paper written for a Public Library Service class in which we were asked to observe a local public library and compare it to a commercial bookstore. I chose my local public library and the nearby Borders bookstore. To the surprise of my instructor and nearly two years before Borders was forced into bankruptcy, I pointed out troubling signs at Borders that ultimately led to its failure in July 2011.

Wind and Weather Pathfinder

This is a pathfinder on the topic of Wind and Weather, a guide for further research on a specific topic. I developed this for a Young Adult Resources class and geared it as though it was handed out as a pamphlet at my local public library. It's a good example of drawing together accessaible sources for a young researcher wanting to know more about the basics that contribute to global warming.

Guitar Pedal Wiki

Here's a link to a public wiki page I developed that describes the theory and use of guitar effect pedals for beginners.

Explore the website you're at!

I also took a course in Web Design. I had no previous experience in coding websites, but the class gave me enough knowledge to code the site you're on right now using Dreamweaver and Graphic Converter. Please click on the links and feel free to explore!

Updated May 1, 2015.