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You've landed at the website for Dave Hartl, Philadelphia-area musician, teacher, and information specialist. Feel free to explore my world!

I've produced several CDs of original instrumental jazz; have played music behind the famous, the notorious, and the unknown; am currently playing with The Ronstadt Revue, the best Linda Ronstadt tribute band around; am also currently playing with The Divine Hand Ensemble as accordionist and arranger; was co-leader of Musical Collusion, a fusion groove jazz group with Carl Cox on sax; am arranging for and working with singer Paula Johns; have partnered with Allan "Dr. Licks" Slutsky to form the Night Café Trio; taught for over two decades at the University of the Arts in Philly; received a masters degree in information science from Drexel University; co-founded the Brecker Brothers tribute group "Breckerville"; put together the Weather Report tribute band "Weather Redux"; and currently work throughout the tri-state area as a solo pianist, synthesist, and accordionist.

Please also check out my YouTube channel with lots of musical performances: Dave Hartl YouTube Channel

I use this site as an e-portfolio to expose my work in various fields to anyone interested, so please check out any of the menu items that appeal to you. I hope you enjoy the samples of my work you'll find on those pages, and I encourage you to write back via the contact page. Thanks for including me in your busy browsing, and let's all lift each other up!

Updated January 11, 2024.

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