Breckerville at Reading Jazz Fest  

I'm a member of some really kickin' groups!

Some existing groups have picked me up for live performances and recordings along the way. All of them are fun to play with, challenging, and rewarding. Here's links to some of them:

The Ronstadt Revue

The Ronstadt Revue is the best Linda Ronstadt tribute act you can ever hope to see. We cover all the phases of LR's career from her Stone Pony days, through her pop and rock hits, into the Nelson Riddle orchestral albums and mariachi tunes. Click on the link for some great performance video, and come out to your local theater to see us!

The Divine Hand Ensemble

The Divine Hand Ensemble is a unique group headed by Moog-endorsed theraminist Mano Divina, along with a string quartet or quintet, 2 harps, and tuned percussion. I started doing some Frank Zappa charts for them and ended up on the accordion. We've recorded 2 albums and are moving on to recording a third one. Truly a one-of-a-kind group, check this one out!

Here's a video of The Divine Hand Ensemble at the Harp Fest in 2018 at West Chester University: click to play

Paula Johns

Paula Johns is a fantastic jazz chanteuse able to go from lyrical to gutsy in one fell swoop. I arranged a Dionne Warwick tribute show for her that we are performing in many venues, and you can also catch us playing clubs and affairs, usually with great musicians like drummer Grant Macavoy and bassist Andy Lalasis. Paula is a sure crowd pleaser!
Here's a taste of that Dionne Warwick show: click to play
And here's a taste of a very long weekly run we had at the Brunch at South Jazz Club in Philly from July '17 to March '20, a tune called "Old Devil Moon": click to play

Musical Collusion

This is a red-hot instrumental jazz/funk group playing original tunes written by myself and saxophonist Carl Cox. We released our first album, "Guilty As Charged" in September 2019 and we were just taking off when the pandemic hit. Here's a video of a session we did for NPR in November 2020. click to play

Andy Lalasis on bass and Josh Orlando on drums complete the funkiest jazz band in Philly. During the pandemic, we worked remotely on selections for a new album, and we look forward to more Funk In the Future! Our album is available for download at HERE.

The GT3 Trio

The GT3 Trio is headed by drummer George Torrella and, in addition to private affairs, the group holds forth at restaurants and hotels throughout the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. George always has amazing musicians playing with him!

The Hot Club of Philadelphia

The Hot Club of Philadelphia is a gypsy jazz group spearheaded by guitarist Barry Wahrhaftig and dedicated to a French aesthetic of jazz popularized by Django Reinhardt. It's 1930's Paris again whenever I bring my accordion to join in with this great group.

Below you'll find a calendar showing where to find me playing live in the near future.

Gig Calendar

Here's where you can find me playing music in the near future:

Updated January 11, 2024.