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"Bongo Larry"

Click here to watch a video that's a tribute to my brother-in-law Larry Reinhart. He loved playing bongos with the groups that perform in the squares of the town in which he lived, The Villages in Florida.


Click here to watch a fairly new video. Lately I've been having fun working in my studio and just trying out ideas on my instruments, building tracks up, letting the forms just come, and filming the results as we go, assembling them into videos when it's all done. This is one that I really enjoyed which started with a funky sequence from my Sequential Pro 3 synth called "Splunkin'".

"Oculus" by Brian Groder

Click here to hear a track that was created for NYC trumpeter Brian Groder's Oculus Project in which he asked friends and colleagues to do versions of a tune he had written. I was honored to take part and contributed this with the intention of including it on my own CD.

This version evolved over about a 6-month period, and it was fun to watch it grow. Here's the instruments I used on this track:

  • Waldorf Xt (lead melody)
  • Arturia Prophet V (lead melody)
  • Waldorf Microwave (melody bells)
  • u-he Zebra (first solo)
  • Kurzweil K2000 (acoustic guitar from Sweetwater¹s Ultimate Guitars disc)
  • Propellerhead Reason (electric piano)
  • Arturia CS-80V (pads on intro, transitions)
  • Waldorf Blofeld (sparkles)
  • Stylus RMX (drums)
  • Plus Chapman Stick for bass

"Oculus" is ©2008 Brian Groder/Glyphs Music BMI and is licensed by Latham Records.


Here's an original tune I wrote while in the group Breckerville, recorded live at the Firehouse Cafe in Mount Holly, NJ on March 20, 2015. It was a sonic portrait of an old student I had notable for his strange speech patterns and bizarre way of answering a question in the most roundabout way possible. Personnel is:

  • Dave Hartl: keyboards
  • Bob Ferguson: trumpet and FX
  • Carl Cox: tenor sax
  • Andy Lalasis: bass
  • Vic Stevens: drums

"Waxin' & Waynin'"

Here's a tune I wrote that remains unrecorded and was played live by my acoustic quartet in 2003. It's an attempt to write the kind of tune that Wayne Shorter excelled at during his Art Blakey years. Players are:

  • Dave Hartl: piano
  • Ron Kerber: sax
  • Marc Dicciani: drums
  • Craig Thomas: bass

"Requiem for Rick, 3rd movement: Farewell (live)"

Here's the only live performance of "Requiem for Rick" from the CD Lab Work that we ever did, presented at the Rick Kerber Tribute Concert in 2000 at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia. Dennis Wasko plays an incredible trumpet and I accompany on piano and computerized sequences.

"Mo'Bop (live)"

Here's my electric quartet playing the ever-tricky "Mo'Bop" from the CD Foreign Growth in 2003. The players are:

  • Dave Hartl: piano
  • Chris Farr: sax
  • Joe Nero: drums
  • Howard Thompson: bass

"Heartburn Heaven"

Here's something that exists only as a historical curiosity. In 1983, my wife and I shared an apartment with George Tucker, a guitarist I worked with. We had a Tascam Portastudio, a Roland JX-3P, and a Roland TR-808 drum computer. From these stone knives we tried to record our early compositions. It was good practice for the CDs to come but the results are appropriately embarassing looking back from this perspective. On this one, I enlist the services of the horn section with which I was playing daily at the Playboy Casino in Atlantic City. Good sports, one and all!

  • Dave Hartl: synths and over-programming, Chapman Stick, guitar
  • Bob Ferguson: trumpet
  • Ray Sydnor: sax

Updated January 23, 2024.

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