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Pianist Dimentia: Music of Frank Zappa

Pianist Dimentia

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It started as a joke. I was playing a restaurant gig, filled with Sinatra and Billy Joel and other popular favorites. Then one night I played a Zappa tune and posted it in on some Zappa groups on Facebook. The response was amazing. 27 more tunes followed before I took a breather and realized I really should do something about all the requests/ demands that I make an album of this, properly recorded. So I did just that.

This is just me and a very fine piano, playing instrumental versions of a wide assortment of Frank Zappa compositions, recorded by Dave Schonauer at Morningstar Studios in East Norriton, PA, U.S.A. Divorced from his lyrics, you can listen to the music in his soul. For me, this was a labor of love, and a revelation.

Instead of a lot of detail below, I'm just going to give you the link above to the place that sells the album for me. There's samples of all the tunes, so feel free to explore!

Updated January 11, 2024.

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