Tales of the Plague CD  

Tales of the Plague

Tales of the Plague

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Click here to download the liner notes for all the technical and creative detail.

March 2020. It hit like a bolt from the blue. I played only one gig in public for 14 months as the pandemic hit, retreating to the safety of my studio, where this album came into being. Day after day, working on tracks, sending them to friends, receiving their contributions, assembling it all together. The pandemic turned out to be the most creative and prolific period of my music life. By the fall of 2021, I picked through the pieces and selected an album's worth of material that I really liked. Is this Phase 2 of Lab Work?

Instead of going into a lot of detail on this page below, I'm going to provide the links just above to go to Bandcamp, where I sell this album, and listen to the tunes to sample them. I'm also providing a link to download the liner notes for all the technical details.

Updated January 11, 2024.

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