Rhodes Less Traveled CD  

The Rhodes Less Traveled

The Rhodes Less Traveled

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I've loved the sound of the Fender Rhodes piano for decades. I was lucky to buy a very good suitcase model some time back, and as 2023 kicked off, I decided to sit down and just play it with no forethought, no pre-composition, no planning at all, just to see what would come out. Imagine my surprise when these pieces came pouring out over the course of a week.

There's something about the bell-like tone, but with a rich sustain enhanced by the electronics, and the luxurious keybed feel of the instrument, that led me along with each piece. I'd start with a shape or musical concept in mind, play it, and the Rhodes would suggest the next piece of the puzzle. To me, this isn't music I wrote as much as music that was channeled through me. I hope you enjoy the mood the 13 pieces create.

Instead of going into a lot of detail on this page below, I'm going to provide the links just above to go to Bandcamp, where I sell this album, and where you can listen to the tunes to audition them. I'm also providing a link to download the liner notes for the album.

Updated January 11, 2024.

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