Some Other Where CD  

Some Other Where: Dave Hartl Plays Brian Groder

Some Other Where

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Brian Groder is an old friend of mine, going back to college days. we went separate ways after school, Brian going to New York City to make his reputation there, which he did in spades with a series of well-regarded and recognized album projects with his own, normally piano-less trios, and with luminaries such as Sam Rivers.

Some years ago, Brian asked me to play some of his compositions as demo versions for people to hear. I became so intrigued with the pieces, and the challenges they presented, that I resolved to do a full album of Brian's amazing writing. These are very different versions from Brian's own recordings, mainly because the piano emphasizes the harmonic elements which are more inferred in a non-chordal trio. I hope I did them justice, and that you can hear the new beauty in these angular, melodically beautiful compositions.

Instead of a lot of detail below, I'm just going to give you the link above to the place that sells the album for me. There's samples there of all the tunes, so please explore them to your heart's delight.

Updated January 11, 2024..

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