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Throughout my career, I’ve worked in recording studios playing piano, synthesizers, and accordion in styles ranging from rap to opera. I’ve done song demos, advertisements, major CD releases, backing tracks for live shows, exercise videos, and even Japanese-language voiceovers for live production shows in Tokyo. I’ve also recorded with Chapman Stick, acoustic and electric guitar, chromatic harmonica, percussion, theremin, and vocals.
I’m available for session work and have great instruments to use. On accordion, the Roland FR-8X virtual accordion gives a producer an option for over 40 different accordions with direct line feeds, avoiding mic-ing problems. As for synthesizers, here’s a list of what I have on hand and am familiar with, with links to further information about each item. This sonic arsenal allows a producer to recreate just about any sonic signature from the 1970’s to the present.

hardware synthesizers

Hardware synthesizers

software synthesizers

Software synthesizers

Updated January 11, 2024.

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