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A variety of musical services available

My performing on different instruments in many different styles sometimes obscures the skill set that backs it up. Learning to read music at the age of 5, having perfect pitch, playing in many different musical configurations, and having familiarity with music software have all contributed in helping me in my musical notation and copying services.

This page highlights those services I can provide and gives examples of them.


Here's a taste of the arrangment I made for the Ocean City Pops in New Jersey, performing the theme from "Harry Potter" with my group The Night Café.

When we put the group Breckerville together, I did the charts for the band, a quintet of trumpet, tenor sax, synths, bass, and drums. Here's a few pages from our version of "Oops" by Mike Mainieri.

While at the University of the Arts, I ran the Charles Mingus Tribute Ensemble for 8 seasons. I wanted the students to not just read what notes to play, but to interact with the recording and make up their parts. To that end, I would handwrite a basic map of the piece and let them flesh it out. Here's an example of the massive piece by Mingus called "Meditations on Integration". Similarly, here's a rough sketch for the first 7 minutes of "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady"


Brian Groder, noted NYC jazz trumpeter, asked me to transcribe some of his solos from the album "Torque" he released. Here's a part of his duet with Sam Rivers on "Behind the Shadows".

I was proud enough of a solo I took on the tune "Molasses Dragon" on my album "Lab Work" to sit down and write out what I had improvised. Click here to download the transcription of the synth solo and hear it here:

Copy Work

I've also helped out my friend and partner Allan Slutsky on a few occasions, providing the extra hands he needed to meet a crushing deadline. Here's a piece of what we turned in for a concert at Carnegie Hall in 2013, done with the notation software Sibelius.


In addition to the four albums of original material you can investigate here, I have a huge folder of unrecorded tunes, bits and pieces of ideas, and textures from synths I press into service. Here's part of an unused score for a tune called "Cold Snap" I wrote for the group Breckerville that never got used. There's a lot more!

Updated January 11, 2024.

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